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Designing a good financial plan involves looking at all aspects of your financial situation to help determine the most appropriate path forward.  Depending on the services we've agreed upon, we may analyze and advise you on the six primary areas of financial planning:

  1. Cash Flow- What do your assets and liabilities look like?  How does your income compare to your expenses?  Do you have an emergency fund?  We will review your situation and make sure you are in the best possible financial position, because the foundation of any financial plan rests on postive cash flow.
  2. Protection- If you were injured or developed a long term health condition, would your insurance cover the costs and would your monthly bills still get paid?  If you were sued, would your assets be protected?  If you passed away, would your family have the resources to pay off debts, replace your income, send your kids to college and set your loved ones up for future financial success?  Insurance provides the means to help protect you and your family's standard of living.  We will work with you to ensure you have the appropriate coverage for what matters to you the most.
  3. Investment Planning- Does your portfolio fit your risk tolerance, objectives and timeline?  Are you appropriately diversified across all your investments?  We review and will advise you on steps you can take to make sure your investments align with your stated risk level and goals.
  4. Retirement Planning- Do you know when you'd like to retire?  Although many clients answer "tomorrow," the reality is the vast majority of us need time to review our timeline and determine a realistic date.  We will help you find an appropriate time, looking at your assets/liabilities and cash flow, the social services available to you (such as Social Security Benefits) and your post-retirement lifestyle.
  5. Estate PlanningWill your wishes be carried out appropriately when you're not around?  Is there a person designated to make decisions on your behalf?  Do you want to leave a legacy for your family or a charitable organization?  We will work with your attorney to make sure there's a plan for your wishes.
  6. Tax Planning- Are all the pieces of your financial plan designed in the most tax efficient way possible?  We will work with your tax professional to make sure we minimize your tax liability as much as possible.  

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